Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Restaurant Coupon Update Brief
I just got around to printing the coupons I ordered from Stupidly, I was expecting them to be mailed to me. I'll post more about how it works. As little as I paid for these, I'm not in love with the restrictions. But $2 for $25 is a deal. I shouldn't complain. Too loudly.
And as long as I'm on about restaurants and , earlier, TV, I watched last night's "Hell's Kitchen." Sweet holy Escoffier! I wouldn't eat in a restaurant run by any of the contestants. One, who goes by the name Tennille, just frickin' shouts every word she says. Shut up. SHUT UP! Good sweating God, at least turn the volume knob down from 11. And she lives in the NoVa area. Uck.

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