Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It's September Fools Day!
Ha ha! You've been punk'd! there's no such thing as September Fools Day!

Actually, it's a good, good day - Joe Sherlock is back in the blogging chair and the weather in the NoVa is lovely, lovely, lovely. Cool overnight, into the low 60s and a high projected at about 80ยบ. Three weeks away but autumn, my favorite time of the year, is making its way here.

Though it's not particularly a September thing, I'd like to take note of my friend Linda's acquisition of a new-to-her 2009 Mustang in place of her aging RAV-4. I turned out to be the by-phone confidant and consultant on the purchase so I look forward to seeing the beast in real life. I sure hope she continues to like it as much as she does now since she's a long-term vehicle type. The RAV was about a 9 year car and her prior (a Corolla if I remember correctly) was a 14 year ride. I'm that way about the automobile too - I figure my Y2K Outback is going another 8 years at least.

Y'all have a good day, OK?

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