Monday, August 31, 2009

Do You Eat Out?
Watch it! I mean do you patronize restaurants? If so, you might want to look at for some deals on meals. The gig is that you buy "gift certificates" which come with some restrictions - notably that you can only use (I'll take as an example a sushi restaurant in my neighborhood - Aoba Sushi) say, a $25 certificate when you spend $35. And the certificate itself costs $10. So you would be getting a discount of $15 which is still a good deal.
Here's the reason for the post today - if you buy yourself some certificates today (the last day of the offer) and enter the code "TASTE" in the coupon code box, you get an 80% discount on the certificates. Thus a $25 certificate (priced at $10) would cost you $2 making the projected $35 meal cost you a total of $12. Deal. I ordered a few for a local place to which I have not been yet so I get to try it out for not a helluva a lot of money.
You can sort restaurants by zip code and I'd like to point out to my co-blogger the Enigmatic misanthrope that his favorite hangout, the Backdoor Bar and Grill offers certificates. Enh? Enh?


Enigmatic Misanthrope said...

I wish swine flu would become a total pandemic so we could be rid of all the people that are complaining about it.

Certificates for restaurants? Well call me Kermit cause I'm about to go piggin!!

And finally, regarding the infamous Backyard Bar and Grill (though Backdoor is more appropriate!) the real reason I frequent the place is the convenient location and friendly staff. As you are well aware, the clientel..well..most have two thumbs, love booze, but at a bar where three women in denim shorts will sit and debate techniques and skill sets for wrangling goats, what usually starts out as cougar hunting soon turns into whaling. I recall many a woman and her girlfriend just walking in, standing together and looking exactly like the number 10….now that has cock block written all over it.

Do you recall sitting at the bar and some hideous loudmouth 20’ish airhead yelling “its no longer a social stigmata!!” when she meant “stigma”..all the while you are exploding into a grammar-correcting mushroom cloud?? I had already written her off… I swear she smelled like the inside of Heather Mills' fake leg. Then there was the night I got into a fight with some dude in the Men’s Room....he was standing there and I noticed he's got the same shirt as me on.. so I'm like...dude you should have called me, we look like idiots...he didn't say I got pissed and hit him...completely decimated his face and my hand was all bloody and covered with glass afterward...(weird .. never saw him again that night or since.)..So anyway.. I made my way back to the bar, totally just ordered up 2 cans of Red Bull and another Jack & Coke, threw a couple packs of magnum condoms on the bar…and the old woman sitting next to me… her tone went from "Hi! Blah blah.. how are you" to " YOU DOIN'?" she knew what was up…

BlogDog said...

I have no recollection of the events as stated as I have said in my deposition.

Enigmatic Misanthrope said...

It's obvious you are afraid you may incinerate yourself.