Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dogged Days of Summer
It's turned nasty hot in the last couple of days and I'm delightfully tired after hosting for several days. Lois is the kind of house guest anyone would want - my guest room is cleaner then when she arrived. (goalloprah) Girl, if you're that good a guest, you can stay at my crib any ol' time!(/goalloprah)
Also the week looks busy with a ship load (you thought I was going say something different, didn't you? yeah, I knew ya did) of quotidian things to do and my adopted family in Western Maryland is having one of their massive field parties this Saturday. Fun, fun, fun and there's no T-bird for daddy to take away.
So expect more blogging next week from me. Maybe the EM and Paul can pick up a few more days of fun 'n' games and viddies.

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