Monday, August 24, 2009

More Adventures In The Kitchen
OK folks - this one's dead easy. Chocolate syrup. I made it with Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder which is all I had to hand. Heh heh heh! "All" I had to hand was Hershey's Special Dark. I used it to make some chocolate milk this evening and all I can say is "Oh my. This is quite tasty." Consider it a more adult version of chocolate milk, made so I daresay by the use of that particular cocoa powder. I'd like to take this opportunity to suggest that you take about ten minutes out of your busy day and make some of this.
Now, the rule is that if you start with something, it must be altered before it is left behind. It is a basic rule of cooking: I've effed with the basic recipe so it's mine! Damn your eyes! What to do, then, with chocolate syrup? let me toss out a few softballs for y'all to bat back at me. Trade the sugar for Splenda and find something to give it the body that would then be lacking. Gelatin? Cornstarch? I'm inclined toward gelatin as the amount of cornstarch needed to thicken a batch of syrup would not be enough to provide enough mass, whereas the gelatin might.
I might have to get some vanilla ice cream to try the old "pour it over" trick. Kind of a classic, doncha think?

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