Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mrs. Paul's Ad
Let me pledge now that I will never, ever buy Mrs. Paul's fish products, or anything with the name Mrs. Paul on it with the exception of anything from the wonderful wife of my co-blogger Paul. She is a treasure.
The genesis of my hatred is this ad:

You little bitch! Your parents put food in your mouth and you complain about it. It's minced, wahh waah! First of all you little (perhaps I should not use such epithets as are in my mind about some small child who is, after all, reading ad copy), no child your age has developed the taste to distinguish one fish stick from another so STFU. Then you abuse your mother who's probably trying to save a few pennies to put your little bitch butt through college. So forget that. You're on your own. But then mom accedes to this immoral suasion and buys you the non-minced variety. Of course you'll do nothing but mince them yourself with those horrible little chicklet teeth.
I hate you, evil child and I hate Mrs. Paul's for hiring you.

1 comment:

Phillymon said...

Looks like a kid who eats paste at school.

She needs a visit from the Fish Stick Nazi, who is reported to make the Soup Nazi look kind and generous. "NO fish sticks for YOU!!!"