Saturday, February 27, 2010

This Makes No Sense
I'm watching college hoops on CBS this afternoon and an ad for McDonalds wedges its way into one of the game's interstices. It seems that they're offering the "fillet-o-fish" sammich for 99¢. That's got to be a loss leader. If you really dislike the fast food giant, go there and order several of them. You'll cost 'em for each I imagine. That's just a side light though.
I remember as a lad, and a chubby cheeked, hale yute I was, that McDonalds was the franchise in fast food. My mother was quite fond of their fries and really, who wasn't? I thought the Big Mac, when it came out, was the best thing going in burgers (until I found the Whopper of course) and the fillet-o-fish was something unusual and good. O tempora! O mores! Times have changed. I have, at times when McD's was doing special promotions, ordered both the Big Mac and the FoF only to be sorely disappointed. Those things that were so wonderful when I was young are just nasty now. That's right, I said it: nasty.
Which leaves me with mixed emotions. First, good. I really (really!) don't need to be eating either of those menu items. I don't really need to be eating anything from that menu actually but we'll leave that aside as we contemplate the other side of the coin. It's sad because a fond memory of growing up has been perverted. (Sigh.) Ah well. If we live long enough, I suppose our dreams and memories will all be lost by the wayside.
One final though on the fillet-o-fish promotion. You can get a sandwich for a buck less a cent. And you can get a "meal" including medium fries and a drink for $3.99. So is a medium drink and fries really worth $3.00? Why not just get 3 of the damn sandwiches and have more food for less money?

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