Thursday, February 18, 2010

No Blogging For You!
Blog Nazi that I am. No, actually I'm just feeling out of sorts today. Not sick. But not not sick. Off kilter. Not at peace with the universe. Grumpy. Annoyed. Need an IV of Kenya AA coffee stat! Look elsewhere for your fill of information and moral uplift today. As I will.
It's windy like hell outside though the temp seems to be promoting melting in the sunshine. This is akin to those bright, too-sharp in the glare autumn days that I call "headache weather." Not exactly such but, as I said (weren't you paying attention?) akin to. Luckily the only out I have to go is some shopping at either Safeway or Costco. I haven't decided yet. As if it matters.
Urgh. I hope you have a nice day.
UPDATE: And so what did we learn today? I never got out of the house to shop but I facilitated a woodworking project a friend of mine is undertaking. And he brought me a $4 sub from Harris-Teeter which was freaking awesome! Tomorrow I'm going to my localest H-T (totter into the Teeter?) and signing up for their in-store card. And I'm going to have another sub for lunch. Oh hells yes I am. I may even take a picture of it for thees here blog. Blog Nazi that I am.


Mike Kappler said...

"It's cold like Hell outside"

Anonymous said...

Has the 'Blog-Dog' ever met a sandwich he didn't like?

BlogDog said...

Once. But after a while we got to be friends after all.