Thursday, February 11, 2010

I thought I'd take a moment out of the Hackintosh project to post a pic of the Mini 10v in its torn-down state. Since taking the picture, I've installed the 2GB RAM module and done most of the closing back up. Right now I'm stopped at getting the keyboard ribbon cable back into the slot which is a pain because the ribbon cable wants more to push the lock down slide back rather than go into the slot to be locked down. Having clown fingers to work with doesn't help. But a break from the close-in work, a nice hot shower and I'll finish putting it back together this after noon.
Then, boot it up to be sure it's working and then tomorrow, the software hacking. It's fun.
UPDATE: Well, I decided to dive back in after posting and it's done. I was missing the proper slot in trying to slide the keyboard ribbon cable in as it turns out. Once I realigned the cable, it slid in and the lock down locked it down. Re-installing the WiFi card was a bit annoying as the connector plugs are minuscule but I got them lined up too. The li'l beast is now reassembled and powered up. I may try the software hack tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow.
UPDATE The Second: Bugger. My installation is bumping up against some problem which I have no idea what is. But OS X gets its lovely, lovely spacey screenshot on the Mini but it won't fully install. I'm leaving this until tomorrow so I can face with a fresh mind. But it peeves me.
D'oh! I think I may have found my problem. The install disk I used to create the install flash drive was of Leopard, not Snow Leopard (i.e. 10.5.6 not 10.6). I'll remake the install drive with a copy of Snow Leopard actual and try again.

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