Thursday, February 25, 2010

High winds tonight. If the house had sails we'd be in Jamaica by now. Or maybe even Grand Cayman. That would be nice.
And while I'm a gittin' wound up on the meteorological conditiaments, a light blanket of snow right now would not be amiss. The big snow that was heaped and piled has melted down to the point where only the big heaps and piles are left and the ground is muddy and just ... ugly. A glowing cloak of diamond dust would be an improvement. But after I go to Costco, please.
On the plus side, I went out to the Country Orchard today to get my allotment of agricultural products and have two bags of lovely York apples. Still crisp and juicy, with the one I snaffled out to munch on my drive home a sweet chilly delight. Like candy it was.
I was hoping to segue from that into the Manhattan Transfer's version of "Candy" but alas it's not on uToob. Instead, I offer one of their amazing a capella performances of the gorgeous and sensuous "A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square." Enjoy.

Just by the by, I could listen to Cheryl Bentyne sing for ages and never grow tired. She has one of the most feminine and at the same time versatile voices I've ever heard. Plus, her phrasing is just so perfect, it sends chills up my spine. Often an artist makes a song his or her own (Think Ol' Blue Eyes here) by individualizing the phrasing or tempo. Bentyne just kind of moves in and fills up the song with herself. The lyrics come spilling out just exactly where my ear expects them to be. I've used the words "lush and gorgeous" before but they deserve to be used again for this lady's music. And it doesn't hurt that she's drop-dead beautiful as well.

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