Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another Good Buy
Since I posted about the Vizio deal at Costco, I thought I might post about what looks like a hella deal at Amazon. A Cuisinart knife "block." 14 pieces in a stainless steel "block" that swings forward to allow the knives to be pulled. It's ostensible price was $285 and the sale price is $90. That's some discount! And not only that, Amazon is offering a $25 discount when you spend over $125 on Kitchen & Housewares or Bed & Bath so you could get some $35 item for, effectively, $10 more. Can't beat that with a stick.
I'm sorely tempted to get one of these even though I have a nice Sabatier knife block. But my knife block is an actual block and I've moved to stainless steel appliances. If you dig back on the blog, you'll see pics I posted of the range and microwave. Yeah - stainless steel. Also, my knife block is tall enough that I have to pull it forward from the backsplash to draw the longer knives. This one puts the steak knives at the top so when it tilts out, the shorter knives are there to draw against the cabinet bottom.
The customer reviews of the knives themselves are intriguing. I'm not sure what the knives are made of but I've always preferred non-stainless knives which the user can put a razor hone on even though those knives tend toward rust-ability. And these knives seem to be at a point along the continuum closer to my preference. My Sabatier knives are stainless and don't really take the edge I want them to have. Of course, I use the sharpening steel on them every time I pull one.
If I decide to go ahead and but one of these, I will post a review after use.
UPDATE: I couldn't resist. A knife block, a mandoline-type slicer and a stainless steel utensil holder with the promotion discount and super-saver shipping all for $110.

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