Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Farm Report
The plants are going through water like madness what with all the hothothot, nasty, ugly weather. I put one watering can into each of the pepper boxes and was schvitzing so bad I decided to do the tomato watering after I cooled down. Ick.
Took two smallish tomatoes with some damage each for my morning scrambled eggs. So good. I find these tomatoes to be quite sweet. Not a criticism of course! It looks like another half dozen or so are coming on line for pluckage in the next three or four days. And these are big ones. The largest yet. I'll take pictures when I pick them.
The jalapeno plants continue to set peppers passing well. I have to figure out what their proper size is so that I can pick 'em at the proper time. I'm investigating pickling so that I can pick a peck of pickled peppers. Heh.
I'm also a fan of pepper jelly so I hunted up a recipe online. It uses bell peppers too which is a bonus because the bell pepper plants are really starting to produce. And the initial pepper is puffing right up. It's a lovely shade of pale green now. Hmm. Better take a picture of that too.
Anyway, my apologies for my continuing obsession with my deck garden but it's new to me. Next season I'll be more restrained. Promise.

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