Monday, August 14, 2006

TV Tonight
I have studiously avoided commenting on Hell's Kitchen save for an early comment that I thought Heather was the leading contender. Obviously, my instincts were good. She's one of the final two. But as much of a fan of Gordon Ramsay as I am, I find this incarnation of HK to be of poor quality. I want haute cuisine from Gordo and he's given me The Olive Garden. I'm almost tempted to say Applebee's but I would never insult him so greatly.
I am deeply suspicious of the selection of chefs this time around. I could easily see several (well, a couple at least) of the first season's combatants as running their own restaurants. I don't have that confidence of any of this year's crew. Not that they are without talent. But to take the last three. Heather still strikes me as the most likely to put together the full package of capital-C Chef. But her over-emotional reaction to some situations leaves me a bit flummoxed. There was a competition where the chefs made lunches for construction workers who then selected their favorites. Heather's menu was the least favorite. Her crying breakdown was embarrassing.
Virginia, who seems to have won way more than her share of challenges, was manic depressive. Swoop way up then crash way down. "Oh I can't do this! ... Yes I can!" Oy. She demonstrated an excellent palate but seemed to have massive difficulty every time she actually ran a station in the kitchen. And she can not just shut up! For someone who showed a lot of pluck in surviving, when she was in social sitiuations, she was practically unable to form a thought. The mouth ran way faster than the brain methinks. That said, if Virginia had about two years of Gordon's tutelage, I think I would love to be in her restaurant.
And finally, that Chunk-looking jackass, Keith, or "K-Grease" as he liked to call himself. (And I was tempted to call him "Dim" instead of Chunk.) He really seemed to have an inside track on the win until he got just way too over-confident at the challenge. Where to begin? He wears his underwear showing in the kitchen because "That's the way I rock it." Oh fer whigger moronitude. And he persistently told other contestants that he would do something for them, like select them to go along on a challenge win, and then not do it! Oh come on! Have some integrity. I thought he might win until I flipped over into absolute hatred. Ramsay told him that he could cook but having seen him in action, I would not go to a restaurant run by Keith.

OK. I'm done with the post before the final show is done. I guess I hope Heather wins.
UPDATE: Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I hope she is a great success.

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