Friday, August 18, 2006

My Friend The Enigmatic Misanthrope
Let me start by saying that the EM came into my high school class many years ago as the quintessential outsider. Yet we fell into a fast friendship when I approached him about the track spikes he was wearing in gym class. I'd never seen track spikes before and I thought they looked really cool. In any event, I was thrown back to those most irritating of salad days by a commercial I saw on TV. I won't say what the commercial was for but it reminded me of one of the EM's contributions to that hoariest of school traditions, the "Senior Wills."
The Enigmatic One willed to a socially ... what do I say, not "outcast" but perhaps "misfit" classmate of ours: "A woman who would not make his pores slam shut." Odds are the legacy was never realized but it still makes me laugh to this day. The man has a perverse and fascinating sense of humor.
I didn't clear this post with him beforehand because I figure the "Senior Wills" were about as public a thing as our little class put out. And I have, in the past, extended him an invitation to blog here on PoW. As yet, he declines.

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