Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cue The Lizard King
This is the end. Beautiful friend. My only friend, the end. Etc, etc, etc ad nauseam. The end of another season of "Hell's Kitchen" and, I'm happy to say for my future time use, the need of my watching "Hell's Kitchen." The winning contestant (who is from the DC area, congrats to him) was telegraphed in the week the show began when Bodog (no links as I'm opposed to gambling, generally speaking) put up a betting board on the contestants. They then saw that a hah-youge flood of money was going on one contestant from Fox IP addresses. Bodog shut down the betting shortly thereafter. But the damage was done - I've known who was going to win since week, what, two?
Yet I still watched. It's what happens when you get a habit of eye. I've already bitched about HK earlier and I'm not going to repeat myself. This year's contest has done for me what season four or five of "Survivor" did: made it unnecessary to watch the show ever again. Even Bravo's "Top Chef" with its chintzy prize and increasingly annoying Padma Lakshimi is better than HK. Which leaves me sad because I still like Gordon Ramsay a lot. I look forward to the American version of his "Kitchen Nightmares" that Fox is producing. I hope they don't screw the pooch as thoroughly as they did when they aborted Dame Edna onto American screens. Man, I should be a top chef! Look at how completely I mixed those metaphors!
There is only one really good thing to take away from the end of "Hell's Kitchen." Well two things: First, it's over. Secondly, that butt-annoying Barbie doll "nanny" didn't win. And finally, I'd like to point out one tiny, tiny little thing that's stuck in my mind from season one, the kind of thing that makes me love Gordon just a little bit more. In one of the early episodes, as the kitchen was in the process of not producing food for the waiting diners, two stereotypical LA-type women come to the pass and start to question Gordo about the lack of food. He then says to Jean Phillipe, "Escort these women back to plastic surgery." Oh yes. The mot juste.

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