Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ginger, It's Always Ginger
More sorbetblogging. I do believe that I mentioned that i used the last of my ginger vodka in a previous post. So I was nonplussed. What was I to do with the latest round of peach buys? The answer to that was peel 'em, cut 'em up and freeze 'em so I didn't have to deal with it right away. In any event, the nice chunk of fresh ginger I had sitting in the fridge was starting to shrivel on the long end and I wanted to do something different.
A new process was begun: I grabbed a spoon to peel the ginger, sliced it up as thin as I could manage and then boiled it up in the simple syrup (2 cups sugar, one cup water, juice of two lemons). Mmmm! My house smecks of ginger. Tasty. Let the syrup cool a bit, pulled out all the ginger slices (which are now on a cookie sheet drying in the kitchen - I think I'll use them in teas come winter time) and made a new batch of the good stuff. One cup of ginger infused syrup, a blender full of peach slices (still fairly frozen) and 1/3 cup of plain vodka. Liquefy. Pour into ice cream maker. Done and done. A delightful pink color as well - it was a mix of white and yellow peaches that I used. My sampling indicates that this is just as good a way to make a ginger peach sorbet as using the ginger vodka. Now I'm going to have to start hitting up Costco for peaches since the local season is ending.
I want a freezer full of this stuff!

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