Friday, August 10, 2007

A Few Late Thoughts For A Friday Evening
I had a phone call from the Enigmatic Misanthrope who was more misanthropic than enigmatic. We took a shared experience which I ratcheted up a few notches to make a truly horrific joke which may well be told only in dive bars on Grand Cayman. I don't mean bars that are dives - I mean bars where divers are to be found.
I finally got the hummingbird feeder up. That took way too long. Now I have to keep an eye peeled for the little goobers. Since I figure the local formicidae will be quicker off the mark, I put an ant guard in place. Ha.
And I shared a few peppers with the good neighbors next door - a poblano, three jalapenos and three lemon peppers. They made corn bread and put one of the jalapenos into the mix. They gave me a hunk ... Oh bloody yum! I'm growing Biker Billy jalapenos which, as you've already seen are twice the size of regulation peppers and now I learn they're twice as hot too. Woo hoo! I'm going to devote an entire Earthbox to these next year. Only one pepper was put into the entire cornbread and it baked up suffused with a wonderful heat. Not even heat really, just the flavor of the heat - a party amongst the tastebuds with no angry, drunken guests to deal with. I'm going to have to get that recipe.
Tomorrow it's off to get more peaches and another stab at sorbet. Last week was yellow peach ("John Boy" sorbet with 5 Tbsp of ginger vodka. The yellow peach is flavorful enough to subdue the taste of ginger but the vodka really helped the texture. I'll try 6 Tbsp if I make the sorbet with yellow peaches again. 5 if white.

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