Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Deck Farm™ News
Peppers. In a word: peppers. The tomatoes are not doing well this year. The plants are dying back after not exactly overwhelming me with fruit though I expect to harvest more than I need. Because I don't need much when it comes to tomatoes. I did, however, eat my first mader this morning. A Supersteak which I sauteed and mixed into my morning eggs. Delicious actually. And this from one who doesn't care so much for tomatoes. It has a nice firm flesh without a lot of tomato guts - which I prefer. It's sweet and, well, I'm going to try this one again next year with more attention to details.
I also cut up a poblano pepper which is a pretty pepper (as you'll see in the picture) but not exactly the biggest flame in the fireplace. The pic shows 5 of my poblanos and one of my "Biker Billy" jalapenos. That would be a 3-inch long jalapeno pepper. Dang. That's one big pepper! I haven't gotten into it yet but looka that thang! Next year there will be many, many peppers and a return to non-hot, regular green bell peppers. They seem to do just spectacularly well on the Deck Farm™. Pictures of the DF itself shortly.
The pic was overly keystoned when I took it so I did a little digital manipulation to produce the image below but the scale is accurate. The peppers are sitting on a regulation 8.5x11 sheet of paper. For scale. Along with the ruler.

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