Thursday, August 23, 2007

Get Yo Mac On
I haven't made any mention of Apple's latest iteration of the iMac though now that the teevee masheen is pimping them I suppose some comment is in order. It's a really nice piece of tech. If I were swimming through money on my way to breakfast at McDonalds I'd be picking up one of these aluminum skinned beauties even now. I would go for the large 24" screen to increase desktop real estate and get a built-in iSight camera (which I don't now have) and all the juicy benefits of the Core 2 Duo Intel chip. But I'm only swimming in muggy summer air on my way to Mcmuffin heaven. So no new iMac.
Still and all, congrats go out to Lycurgus who recently acquired a new MacBook Pro. To jump from a G3 chip laptop to a slick metal Intel-chipped beauty is quite the change. Maybe the uToob viddies won't play back like a kinescope, eh?

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