Monday, September 03, 2007

Foodblogging For Over The Holiday
I've spent much of the Labor Day weekend heading up to Murrlyn to visit with friends who live near the battlefield and on Antietam Creek. Friday night I brought up a freshly made batch of ginger peach sorbet - having bought most of the peaches I used that same day from the Moutoux Orchard stand. I say, with all modesty, that it was very well received. I think I have the formula now: make a ginger simple syrup and use 1/3 cup of vodka (in this case vodka into which I put the ginger slices which I used to make the simple syrup) and a blender full of peach slices.
Saturday night I brought Chinese dumplings for starters. Actually I brought up dumpling wrappers and the filler mix which we bundled up and steamed on site. I put blanched bok choy in these and it was good but not great, kinda bland. So my next experiment is to use kim chee in place of the bok choy. Already a bit macerated by the action of the spices (as my late father said, and this is a direct quote, "That stuff ripens like an old boar.") so no need for blanching and more spice. I like spice. when I make it, I'll post about it.

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