Friday, September 07, 2007

New Appley Goodness
I am working up a post on the newly introduced revamped iPod lineup but Brian Tiemann has a pretty good look at them already up. Well worth a read. When I come up with something that's not slavering fan-boyism or rehash of others' takes, I will post. For the nonce, let me just say that Apple has done it again. I have more iPods than I have ears and I still want one of the new iPod Touch models. Sex-ay!
Also, with the price drop on iPhones and Steve Jobs' decision (I say Jobs because it strikes me as just the kind of thing he would champion even if it were a corporate decision) to give $100 rebates to those who paid the "early adopter tax" on the initial release, I say "Bravo Apple!" They absolutely didn't have to do this and yet they did. Can you say "brand loyalty?" Sure, I knew you could. Microsoft might think about giving Vista beta testers, unh, I mean "purchasers" a rebate. Ha ha ha ha ha! I like jokes.
UPDATE: My apologies. I called what Apple is doing a "rebate." It's not. It's a $100 credit for Apple products. Not as universally good as cash money but considering it didn't have to be done at all, pretty darn good.

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