Monday, May 12, 2008

Delayed Embed
I do love me some excellent guitarists. Case in point is Al Petteway who was a DC area guy until he moved down to the mountains of the old North State. I saw/met him and his partner in virtuosity, Amy White, a couple of years ago at a house concert in Delaware. In one of those instances that's not always to be expected but happens more often than not, both Al and Amy were wonderfully gracious and friendly. I seem to expect that those who are superbly talented will carry an attitude. Yet those who have "an attitude" are usually not as talented as those who go through this world under-appreciated.
The song is "Smoky Mountain Morning. " It is highly representative of his acoustic work - wonderfully melodic, beautifully played. If you have a chance to see Al and/or Amy live, please do. You'll be in for a treat. And if you bought any of their CDs ... same result. Enjoy:

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