Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Sinko de My-Oh
Actually, my intarweb this morning was running some kind of messed up. I couldn't load such essential sites as InstaPundit. Oy! How can I gather my knowledge of the world if I can't load sites? - Don't answer that! -
OK, yeah, I actually read the newspaper too. But that gets my hands dirty. Heh. Indeed. (oops - sorry - a symptom of not getting my fill of Insty methinks)

I'd like to point out that today is also Boy's Day in Japan, celebrated with the flying of koinobori (carp streamers) in honor of the male children in the family. It's traditional to have one streamer for each boy with size differences matching the ages of the boys. I love koinobori. They are one of the beautiful things in Japan. So happy Boy's Day to males everywhere! You'll always be some mother's son.

I went to a graduation party for the son of friends last night. A Chinese dumpling party to be precise. I brought the remains of my kim-chi dumpling filling and it was pronounced as excellent by a serious dumpling-eating crowd. I'm humbly proud.

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