Friday, May 23, 2008

The Long-Delayed Music Embed
I offer up my apologies for the long delay in posting the (ahem!) weekend music embed but I have been dealing with a pinched nerve in my right wrist (or, as I call it, the "terror-wrist") which has made doing just about everything annoying and painful. Today it seems to have subsided. Which means I'm willing to type again. And the blogosphere heaves a collective sigh of indifference.
So what's the big deal here? A made-on-the-Mac music viddy of a song by an outfit called "The Bird and The Bee." The obligatory guy thing requires me to say: Cute chick singer there. And I like the voice - high and sweet. I don't think she's a great singer but she does what she does very well. It's always a pleasure when you see an artist who understands how to work with her material. Though I should give him his due - it is a duo after all. I also like the electric piano intro. If you search out the official viddy of the song, it's rather amusing to see him playing what looks like a grand or baby grand and the noise coming out is absolutely electric. It has a very Chick Corea "Return To Forever" vibe if I'm not going too far back for a referent. At any rate, an interesting group.
But it's the way that Dennis Liu used a whole raft of Mac applications to "textualize" the lyrics and form the video out of the lyrics. If you follow the link to the uToob page, you'll see a screenful of links about what was used to create the video. It's more than's worth bothering with here but if you want to burn some time, please check it out.
At this point, I'd better just let the viddy speak (sing) for itself. I rather like it. I hope you do too.

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