Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lack Of Blogging Will Continue
Albeit briefly. I've been busy. Apart from the continuing pain of bad hips and a shoulder that has gone over to the enemy side, I had Lycurgus come through on his semi-annual trip of business. We had kim-chi dumplings. And I still have one container of the filling. Sounds like dinner tonight is taken care of. Then yesterday Jake was in town, as in DC town, which meant a trip to the dark side. I'm not all that fond of the look of urban decay and H St. NE is not exactly a place to avoid it. But I found parking and the show was great. Today I had my groomer take care of my pelt, which always takes more time that I'd like but she does a damn good job so .... [shrug] Now I have take care of some business I've been working on in the last couple of days and the return to regular blogging should be just after that.
For the nonce, I leave you with a rare, mid-week music embed of the Jake doing Paul Simon's "Graceland." He finished his show last night with it and I think he did it better last night than in the uToob viddy. But it's well worth a listen. There's no doubt that the song is Paul Simon's but Jake takes it in a new direction that's not so far off the original as to lose that elemental connection but still re-create it. Aaron Neville did the same thing with Van Morrison's "Crazy Love" on the "Phenomenon" soundtrack. So, here's Jake's show-stopping, show closer:

UPDATE: I had the show's location as H St. NW. Bzzzt! NW is generally nice in DC. NE is ... well ... not so much.

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