Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yawning Like A Big Dog
You will have noticed a hiatus in postings. I certainly have. But sometimes one just doesn't feel like writing. I even bagged out on my weekend music embed because I didn't want to get into all the who-shot-John about why I picked what I picked. But, as we say in the newz biz, it's a TK. Probably later today. After I go out to lunch with friends at a dim sum (in Mandarin: dian xin, meaning "dot heart") restaurant here in the NoVa. Strangely, this fan dian (literally "food shop") which is one of the two best Chinese places I've eaten at is about two blocks from the other best Chinese, the justly famous Peking Gourmet Inn.
So, not much lately but more later. Had prime rib last night at the excellent Sweetwater Tavern. Yuh-um!

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