Friday, May 16, 2008

There Will Be Posting
Not blood. Just posting. No blood for posting! But may I have a milkshake?
OK, enough conflated references for now. Suddenly I'm Lileks or something. Jeez, Edit'!

Actually this post is something of a placeholder for some post that I hope to put either this evening or certainly on the weekend. First, pictures of the plants were taken and I'm going to take some shots of the EarthBoxes and the ErfBoxes in progress. All of the EarthBoxes are full of soil and needing on the planting to be productive members of society again. One ErfBox is almost filled with soil (I killed one bag and figured I'd cap the box and re-build some soil-dabbling gumption before tapping the next bag of potting soil) and the last one is as yet unsoiled.
One nice thing seems to be that the garbage bad cover on the ErfBox seems to work pretty well. Score!
So, pictures will be forthcoming. And the weekend music embed is looking like it'll be another Apple-related one albeit nothing official from the folks at One Infinite Loop. I'll probably post it early Saturday if you want to come back for it. So, I'm off to deal with the deck (like a deck of cards, but it's my patio deck, see? I'm so funny!) and such excitement as laundry brings. Sheesh. My life.

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