Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Doing The Bullet Points Thing
A full slate for today - even unto having a professional in to estimate regrouting the shower stall - but I thought I might throw up some eructations of what's fermenting in my internal organs.
• iPhone rocks like the Technolithic Age. I've gotten my e-mail, read blogs, txt'ed, listened to iTunes samples, played iTunes songs. I need to set up my contacts list but that'll involve some data entry so it may take me a few days to get that input in.
• The new iPod Shuffle is every bit as amazing as I'd imagined. A couple of pics and little more depth of review will be along shortly.
• Watched Simon Pegg's "Run, Fat Boy, Run" in recent Netflixery. Not exactly a home run. Pegg is a very funny guy ("Shaun of the Dead," "Hot Fuzz") but in this one it's paint by numbers all the way through. The Indian landlord and his stunning daughter (played by India de Beaufort) are nice surprises. Though how Thandie Newton who pegs my "meh" meter was chosen for the love interest is beyond me. Bottom line: good for a few laughs, don't go out of your way.
• I'm still connected to gratitude. I get up with thanks in my heart and the words in my first waking breath. I even thanked a stoplight yesterday that I was sure was going to catch me but didn't. That's just silly. But it made feel right to have done so.
• I've been listening to Emm's latest disc, "Goddess," a lot lately. She's a fantastic talent. The music is wonderfully melodious, she has a voice to which I love to listen and the lyrics, while typically elliptical, are wonderful as well. ("Leftover love / I've got more than enough / Take it from me it was meant to be all for you anyway/ All for you anyway") Can't recommend the new any more strongly even if I don't think it's her best CD.
• I'm considering a few questions as they might inform fiction: What do you believe? What can you not return to? What can you not live with?
• Guitar madness - I bought an ice tray from Amazon which makes ice in the shape of a guitar body into which a plastic neck is laid. I can see stirring my iced tea with one of these bad boys this summer. I may have to practice making clear ice, save for the fact that it's much more effort than it's worth.
• And I have to add a brilliant observation from the Grouchy Old Cripple in a comment on his own site: "I sometimes miss my work, but I never miss my job." Well said, sir. Well said.


Enigmatic Misanthrope said...

BlogDog's true identity revealved!

Grease, you ditty-boppin'g daddy, we miss you in DC.

Every morning when I deposit a big, steaming upper-decker in the porcelain convenience, I think to myself, "Grease would be proud."

Paging Dr. Blaznales! Paging Dr. Blaznales!

Enigmatic Seepage Misanthrope said...

Dang-a-ling Doo-Dads!!

EM= ME Squared??

Bravolingus for misspelling revealed- not just a speckling, but 3hours of Grease that leaves my ears seeping!

Love ya Big Daddy,