Friday, March 20, 2009

Tea Blogging
Earlier I posted about PG Tips tea. This stuff is amazing. I've been making "sun" tea via the method I learned from NPR's weekend food show (which will not be linked or named due to my pique at the liberal buttheads on NPR). Rather than put a vegetal product in water in the sun at a temperature roughly ideal for the growth of nasty things, I put the tea in water in the fridge overnight.
Well, PG Tips short circuits that process. In a half gallon of water, two tablespoons of tea makes a wonderful brew in about two or three hours. Well, maybe four if you get it in the fridge immediately and don't agitate the container. I'm a container agitator.
Since I have friends coming over for dinner tomorrow night I've got about a gallon of it in the fridge even as I type. I'll drag out the camera and snap some pics of the brew. It could be a little stronger (especially if it's to be poured over ice) but the liquid is beautifully translucent and the taste is second to none. And, yes, when it's used to make hot tea this is the closest thing to instant imaginable.

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