Monday, March 09, 2009

Tea Drinkin'
Here's a picture of the basics of the current consumption of tea:

Everything comes from with the teapot being a gift. The electric tea kettle (cordless, the keen of eye may note) is a replacement of the one I had been using which went flaky in that it wouldn't reliably click on. And the tea is a brand I'd heard much about, called by many the best tea they'd ever had. I won't go that far but it is very good. Excellent in point of fact. What's unusual about it, from my limited perspective, is that the "tips" are the most finely granulated tea leaves I've ever seen. Lileks once referred to coffee as being ground so fine it was "weaponized." Well, this is that in tea.
The taste is a very clean black tea flavor. It brews in about as long as it takes to pour the hot water into the pot and it's a very clear brew - translucent, not even a hint of cloudiness.
I made a couple of mistakes in doing my buying this time though. I bought by clicking the "one click" button and then forgetting to switch the delivery to free super saver shipping. And I find a couple of days later that there's a page of Amazon coupon codes which included a coupon code for 20% off PG Tips. D'oh!
And I've ordered probably a lot more than I really need. If you come to visit me, I just may send you home with a package of loose PG Tips. But I'm not paying for shipping again!


Gradual Dazzle said...

What's the difference between what you've got and the "Matcha" green tea I sometimes use? It's also been "weaponized"... I love that description because it's quite an apt one. It literally sends up a puff of green smoke when I use it, it's so fine.

BlogDog said...

The PG Tips is black tea for starters. And matcha is usually, if memory serves, foamed up into a drink in which the tea powder is consumed along with the liquid. The PG Tips isn't quite as fine when the little bitty leaves swell to their "full" size.