Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home Repairs
Ah, the joys of home ownership (hmm, that sounds a little too much like "homo-nership" for my taste)! I had a workin' man in the house today (and there I go again! dang.)
Regrouting my shower! Regrouting my shower! Now the "mahstah bath" smells of curing grout and caulk, and i can't use it until Friday (luckily the guest bath is available) but it's worth it. The shower is clean and white. The HIDeous scrunge (i.e. mildew) is gone, gone, gone. And I learned something.
I've been using cleaners with bleach (if not bleach its own self) to clean the shower. The grout man tells me that's the worst thing one can do. Every grout and caulk made in the past 20 years or so is made with mildewcides built in. But using bleach on them actually destroys the ability of those to function. Thus the mildew can come back, not to mention that bleach destroys the grout in situ.
What to use to clean. Well, I think the Mr. Clean "Magic Eraser" type of melamine sponge is a good bet - I think it acts more in a physical action than a chemical action. And "green" bathroom cleaners were also recommended. Bah! "Green" irks me.

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