Sunday, March 08, 2009

Kinda Cheeses Me Off
I learned a word today in the crossword puzzle. That ticks me off because I figure I should already know any word (apart from foreign words and proper names and some specific cultural references, like anything pop music-y in about the last ten years) appearing in a crossword puzzle.
What was the word? Estival. Go look it up.
UPDATE: OK then. I'll use it in a sentence. "The weather here is ridiculously estival."
UPDATE UPDATE: This is to note my screwup and acknowledge that I've edited this post. I originally wrote down the word as "estivial" but the X-word actually had it as "estival." So I changed the word in the body of my post (as the point was not that I learned a wrong word but learned a word, period.) I stand, sit and lie down (both prone and supine) corrected.

And in other business, further adventures in XP land. Well, not really. I'm waiting on the delivery of memory modules which are slated to arrive on Tuesday. I will give Dell credit on making a minitower that opens easily but such a design feature is about as easy as designing a knob on a car radio. But I will say that ease of access is a good thing.
So. Memory comes. Install it. Boot up to see if i can get the system to run better than it did before. See if I can get a service pack installed. If not, I do another back up, reinstall XP and restore files. It'll be interesting to see how it works as I've never done that on the Windows side.
On the other hand (I will run out of hands pretty soon), the USB drive to which I backed up the XP system runs cleanly off the Dell. My iMac does not deliver sufficient power through a single USB port to run the 320 GB drive (it runs the 80 GB drive I've been backing up to though). So to back up my system in the future, I'm going to have to get a "Y" cable that'll pull power from two USB slots. (sigh) Not a huge problem but ... (sigh).
I'm thinking that a new iMac would let me run a Windows OS in Boot Camp. Not that I really want to run Windows but I'd like to be conversant on both (major) sides of the OSes. It might be fun to try a beta version of Windows 7 on my Mac.
Tomorrow there will be tea blogging.


Gradual Dazzle said...

Would that be "estival"? Because "estivial" didn't turn up anything, and "estival" had a Dictionary-Dot-Com definition of "pertaining to summer."

Interesting... I didn't know that one, either. It sounds like a word that WFB would've used in a column somewhere.

And I'm hoping you'll post a couple more times tonight, because I can't STAND pulling up your blog and having that bizarre galloping thing running across my screen. Sorry, EM, but that disturbs me on a primal level... and I'm guessing that's one of your raisons d'etre, right?

Enigmatic Misanthrope said...

You are correct.
BTW..she's a 30 to 1 longshot..and a "mudder"..she loves the mud..just loves the mud.