Friday, April 10, 2009

Bug In Your Ear
If you don't back up your hard drive, what's wrong with you? That is a prime qualification for dumbassery. But my intention is not to insult. It is to inform. To wit: if you are a Costco member, a $30 coupon discount (for which a coupon is not needed in an online purchase) is about to go into effect on a Seagate "Free Agent" 1.5 terabyte external drive. That would give you a lifetime's storage space for just about $115. That's just a sick amount of drive for not much money. I think I might get one.

And Talk Me Out of This
I've been keeping a weather eye on good quality stand mixers. With said eye peeled most for KitchenAid (I may be a little easy for a Brand Name - I said "a little," not "an appliance slut"). I'd been deeply considering this 250 watt model at Amazon but Costco is dropping one of their coupons ($40 this time) on this 475 watt model with a built-in timer. The coupon would bring the price differential to $60 which now makes me hesitate. 475 watts is a commercial grade, beefy device. I doubt a lifetime of everyday baking at home would cause it to hiccup. And I digs me a built-in timer.
So I ask you, dear reader, what you think of the comparison of the two. Does one really need more than 250 watts of spinning, whapping power at home? Is the timer like the short skirt on an otherwise average-looking streetwalker? As the Bloodhound Gang said, "I appreciate your input."

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Gradual Dazzle said...

I heart my LaCie 1TB external drive. I carry it back and forth to school and keep ALL my photos and music on it.