Monday, April 06, 2009

A Most Delicious Hiatus
There was, for those keeping track, a decided lack of posting for the last few days as I had houseguests at Chez BlogDog over the weekend and we were doing fun stuff. I got to introduce my new friends to the Peking Gourmet Inn and the local Burmese restaurant and I passed along the Tao of the Bao to another couple. Soon, the Gospel of the Dumpling will be a worldwide phenomenon and I will have played my small part in it.
There was much eating and every single slurp was delicious.
Oh, and as a host gift I was given chocolates from Stam Choclaterie. Oh ... My ... Oh ... My. I'm not a chocoholic but let me tell you these little gems are what Godiva hopes to be and the little man in the Whitman's Sampler can't even dream of being. I'm not going to eat any peeps this year as they might drive some lingering molecule of candy goodness off some hidden surface of mouth where said molecule avoids the toothbrush. Oh yeah: yummy.
Luckily my dumplings passed muster as well. But now it's back to real life. Oh well.

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