Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Petite And Furious
Sometimes an addition to the blogroll is long overdue. In this case, I'm adding Kathy Shaidle's Five Feet of Fury because she's tough, smart, uncompromising and ("guy" alert! "guy" alert!) damnably cute. But it's her conservative smarts that make the addition necessary. If you aren't a regular reader of FFoF, you should be. Kathy (may I call you Kathy?) writes in the tradition of the great Canadian right (and her book on the Canadian "human rights" commission "The Tyranny of Nice" has an introduction from the great and hilarious Mark Steyn - there can be no greater endorsement, eh?). It's got to be tough for conservative Canadians to be surrounded by the apparatus of a
massive entreched statist system so Canadian conservatives have got to be tough. And furious. God bless 'em.
The blog writing is spare and direct. Not overdone and pumped with verbiage like some outposts on the b'sphere(*cough*pugsofwar*cough*). I hope you'll make her as regular a read as I have.

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Bob Devine said...

Give her a try. I read her daily and I do not remember ever being disappointed even the few times I disagree with her. A fun and informative blog.