Thursday, April 02, 2009

What they call over on the Birds and Moons Forum "new guitar day." PRS (of course! except for the Telecaster) SE Custom Semi-Hollow. The one you see is exactly the one I got: Natural color, tortoiseshell pickguard, "moons" inlays and the humbucking pickups.
I still suck at the playing thereof but the guitar sounds great. Actually amazing for an inexpensive (PRS inexpensive that is) guitar. There's a viddy at the link that does a short demo of the tonal range - not extensive but wonderful for what it puts out.
The Guitar Nazi, on the other hand, got a seriously sweet new axe. I'll post a couple of pics when I sync up the iPhone next. His has alll sorts of special built into it. Mine is just one of those exceptional guitars that PRS makes as a matter of course. OK, the SE range is manufactured overseas but not a one is sold unless it passes muster at the 'home office.'

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