Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Customer Service
Part of my mission to be grateful in life as well as in belief is to recognize when a company or a person does the right thing. Today's winner in the appreciation sweepstakes is I bought some digital downloads the other day (songs I did not have from a "best of" disc of an artist [Basia] whose work I have pretty comprehensively collected). Yet one of the songs gave me a "you've already downloaded this" message. I then set about to search all the digital nooks and crannies to see if the song went astray.
Nope. Nowhere to be found on the iMac (Source Of iTunes Central). So I e-mailed Amazon's customer service saying that I didn't get the download for which they'd charged me. That was yesterday. This morning's mail had a very nice note from an un-named customer service person (I almost said "drone" but then realized how unkind that would have been) who re-authorized the download for me.
Clickety clickety and I'm enjoying the song and thanking Amazon for good customer service. And telling you because gratitude demands acknowledgment.

I'd also, almost parenthetically here, call your attention to a product line at Bath & Body Works: Rainkissed Leaves. The name is a bit fruity but the scent is just amazing. Think of all the good things in freshly cut grass and the sweet edge of a cool morning where the dew chills the air as the sun rises. A friend of mine used the moisturizer in my car recently and I had to ask her what it was because I loved it. I've ordered some for my guest bathroom and powder room. So if you come for a visit, you'll be able to wash your hands and then moisturize them with a most remarkable fragrance. So, when are you going to be here?

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