Thursday, January 05, 2006

Another Memo From The Law Firm
That would be the law firm of Bitch, Carp and Moan of course. Last night, as I was watching the Big Bowl Game (Boo! SC should have won), I decided that I might as well try the new neighborhood Chipotle for a bite of dinner. I tried to use their eponymous web site to do something as exotic as find out what their farkeling store hours are and I was sorely tried. First, the site is Flash-based to the point of annoyance but what's worse is that all the interaction results in pop-up new windows. Well, my Firefox is set to supress such actions so my inital visit meant I got no info. Trying the site in Apple's Safari worked better but I finally gave in to the annoyance factor of dealing with the just-too-clever-for-their-own-good interface and bagged out. I didn't go to Chipotle and I'm less inclined to after putting up with all that cutesy crap.
Well, I'll go sometime. It's just not going to be a priority. C'mon McDonalds! You can make a more useful site than that!

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