Saturday, January 07, 2006

Why Would I Ever Want This Service?

I admit to loving gadgets and I will admit to loving Internet-related services too. I use a Roomba for vacuuming and have even gone as far as to name this robot Rover. I use the Internet to backup my Quicken files. This all makes me an avid consumer and a marketer's dream. Though I am very hard pressed to understand why I would ever want to download music to my cellphone. Both Verizon and Sprint seem to think this is a good idea and are currently engaged in a very heated competition for my dollars. Here is a portion of a press report:

Verizon announced yesterday that it would begin selling phones that allow users to download songs over the airwaves. The company's decision to move into the music business through the cellphone market poses a potential threat to the makers of portable music players, like a

Verizon's new service will create competition for Sprint, which in October introduced a phone that lets consumers download songs through its wireless network for $2.50.

Verizon will charge $1.99 for a song sent over the air. It will also sell songs downloadable to phones through a PC from a Verizon music site for 99 cents each, the same price charged by online music stores like Apple iTunes.

I wish them both good luck but have to report that I will not be using their services anytime soon. I have to save up for a Scooba who will mop my floors after Rover has completed his vacuuming.

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Who owns this number said...

Who would have thought that cell phones would grow to the point that are today. They have third party companies that they allow to bill you for services that you are unaware of. They basically bank on the fact that you won't go through your bill in detail and dispute the charges. Many of us live busy lives and I'm sure they make millions off of this fact.