Friday, January 06, 2006

I finally got to Chipotle for lunch today. Oh, the hours are 11am to 10pm. It says so on the door. In letters that are small enough to be unreadable to anyone driving by. I might have to rant about that one of these days. But I was starting on the lunch. Dang. Good stuff. A limited menu to be sure but really, really tasty. I had the Fajita Burrito with carnitas (mmm! carNItas!) and guac. I tells ya - this is a belly bomb. I was full, make that fu-ULL, when I walked out. The guac was totally needless. Next time I go, I get carry out: Burito Bol with the fancy beef and no drink.

If you haven't tried Chipotle, even after my griping about their website, I can definitely give them the two thumbs up. Worth the extra trouble of going on and ordering versus the Tac O'Bell drive thru.

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