Friday, January 06, 2006

What Would You Expect Microsoft To Do?

I can see how a comparison of the new Microsoft OS with the MAC OS would reveal certain similarities. Though it only leads me to ask what you would do if you were in Microsoft's shoes. I mean there is an easy-to-use, rock solid OS (Apple) and you have a bug-filled, hard to navigate OS (Microsoft), and you are seeking to improve. Do you emulate what works well for your competition or do you try to fix your existing OS by bolting on more features and letting the customers tell you what to fix? The answer is a no-brainer. (COPY!)

Microsoft since they introduced Windows 95 has been trying to make themselves more like the Mac. Their latest attempt should come as no surprise. Large corporations usually don't make original contributions of ideas or technologies. They either buy what works or they copy it. Since Apple is not for sale Microsoft has to try to make their GUI and their feature set more like the Mac. They have no choice but to play catch up. And I see nothing wrong with this since most of Corporate America is saddled with Microsoft software and the belief is firmly ingrained that nobody get fired for buying Microsoft. At least this gives me some hope for my company purchased laptop. Maybe this next version of Windows won't crash so much and will offer features that my friends with Apple computers now take for granted. We can only hope, and live with the knowledge that we can replace our home computers when the time comes with the latest and greatest from Apple.

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