Monday, January 16, 2006

This not the Jake post I promised. This is another fargin' iPod post. I loaded my latest acquisition onto the old G3 iPod and am left with a shade under 309 MB of space on the thing. I'm not sure of the numbers but I think that gives me maybe another two CDs of hard drive capacity before it burps on anything new. Which means I need to get a new iPod. A 60 gig viddyPod. Yeah. Must happen.
And I figured I'd buy it off the Apple site. This allows me free laser engraving just for funz. And I thought I'd grab a phrase off Chris Onstad. Specifically : "Everybody dance like/there's ass in your pants." It amuses me. And it's a call to dance on a music device. Apple, it seems, disagrees. My choice violates their offensive content rules. Which I don't know what are. My second choice is "What we need more of/is science." Which I can live with.
But I am not a little hacked off at Apple. I'm buying something from them which they offer to engrave for me. And yet they are going to censor my words. What the hell? MY money. My words. End of discussion. If it's offensive, anyone who sees it is going to blame me not Apple. So just stuff the censorship. ... Yeah, like that's going to happen!

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