Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ain't It A Day?
I have a post about my fargin' plasma TV all stored and awaiting completion (picture the TV lying back asking, "Was it good for you too?") but suffice it to say, for the nonce, that a replacement set was delivered today for the one I physically purchased. We shall see, we shall see...
But what fun otherwise! Two packages on my doorstep (probably delivered yesterday and I didn't look) - the four CD package from Daedalus music of which "Black and White Night" is now iTuned and playing through the good, albeit not fantastic speakers on the iMac. Wow. It's such a showcase of Orbison's best that I can't think what took me so long to get it. I'm not the biggest RO fan in the world but his place in modern music can't be underestimated even if just by the number of people he's influenced. And for all the big hits, listen to "Leah" and chills will play tag up and down your spine. What a voice. I repeat: Wow.
And I have the Al Petteway CDs lined up for ripping after I've listen to B&WN a few times. My iTunes Library is now up to 3365 items, playable for nine and a half daysand using 18.64 GB of storage space.
Plus! Lycurgus has begun the process of the transfer of goods in conjunction with my natal anniversary. Potlatch baby! I now have the Lileks books I previously did not: "The Gallery of Regrettable Food" and "Interior Desecrations." The man may well be the funniest daily writer in America. He has already surpassed Dave Barry with his invention and wit. Can a "humorist" be brilliant? Oh hell yes.
What further delights will my ripening to the seven squared bring me? At the very least a visit from my best friend of the Duke years next week. (insert happy dance) Such a mensch he is!

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