Wednesday, May 03, 2006

This Month In BlogDog Music
Oh frabjous day! Just when I thought I'd have all sorts of trouble in picking this month's month's music, I got the opportunity to buy two month's worth in one swell foop. The Daedalus music catalog arrived and had three (count 'em ->3<-) Al Petteway CDs at sick prices (i.e. $5.98 each). Scooooooop. and let's throw in "Black and White Night" for good measure. If you click the "three" link, you need to click on the "Jump to Music" link and the three top CDs are what I got: "Caledon Wood," "Midsummer Moon" and "The Waters and the Wild." Emmylou will have to back into the queue. She can chat with Karen Carpenter there. Yes, I know! I'm being metaphorical.
Having seen and heard Al with his equally talented and much lovlier partner Amy White at the Cooldog concert back in February. This guy (OK, both of them) is a superb musician. Click on over to his site (the link on his name above) and wander around a bit. You'll be impressed, believe me. And, as part of my continuing mission to spread joy, please do acquire Al & Amy CDs. Their artistry deserves support and you'll be doing
yourself a favor as well by adding beauty and brilliance to your music collection.

So now I have to re-do the links in the sidebar. Shouldn't take but a few moments.

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