Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kevorkian Shows Up Again
I saw in my noisepaper last Sunday that Dr. Jack (not Happy Jack by any account) has some tsooris in his incarceration. His attorney (I will be quoting from a USA Today link
which may expire) "said the assisted-suicide advocate will probably not survive another year if kept in prison, as he again asked the state to grant his client a pardon or commute his sentence." Mouthpiece Mayer Morganroth is seeking "pardon, parole or commutation" based on the Kevork's declining health: "'Kevorkian has become increasingly frail and has fallen twice, injuring his wrist and fracturing two ribs,' Morganroth said in a statement. His blood pressure has gone 'through the roof,' the lawyer said Saturday."
And in one of those twists that O. Henry used to love: "Kevorkian has said he assisted in at least 130 deaths, but has promised that he will not assist another if released."

All right then. Here's the deal: You save the taxpapyers of Michigan a big old butt-load of money by assisting just once more. Kill yourself now you son of a bitch. You didn't seem to have any trouble with it before. What's stopping you when your "quality of life" is failing?

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