Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Few Bits & Pieces
I've fallen behind on my book reading partly because I've started using LibriVox to listen to H. Rider Haggard's "King Solomon's Mines." It's got to be the laziest way to get audiobooks ever but hey, that's right in my wheelhouse. Necessity is not the mother of invention - sheer cussed laziness is.

I haven't been keeping a daily eye on my seed plantings but I haven't seen much effort by the green spring that drives the vital force. And the tomaht plants haven't come yet either. Very frustrating to read of Acidman's garden starting to run wild when I've got nothing going here. Next year it's going to be all plants and no seed starting.
UPDATE: I just got notified that the chirpy Burpee folks (OK, I don't know if they're really chirpy but it rhymes - work with me here) have shipped my tomato plans. All right!

Recent movies rented: Aeon Flux, Mrs. Henderson Presents and The Baxter. All have some good though Mrs. H is the best of the lot. More punchy depth and pithy analysis to come on those. Some would say very pithy.

And the very, very deepest PoW wishes to Kris over at Anywhere But Here for speedy return to full and glowing health, finding the right teaching position (I favor standing and glowering at the pupils personally) and taking the Blues Challenge all the way to Memphis! Gots to love me dem blues!

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