Monday, April 07, 2008

After posting below that I would have preferred to post Emm Gryner's music video of her song "Julia," I thought I might see if that video might be available somewhere on the web even though it's AWOL on uToob. Score! And it has the embed code.
I find this song to be enchanting and mysterious. The lyrics are, to me, all implication and misdirection. They are evocative but I can't say what she meant in writing them.
"Julia leave the dark alone
Every day is better than the last
Julia leave the dark alone
Speak your mind 'cause this life's going fast"
I swear her delivery gives me a frisson when I listen. The music is spare and haunting. In fact, I find Emm's arranging to be incomparable. She can make a big piano ballad with a cello come across like rock and roll. I hope you like it too:

Julia - Emm Gryner
UPDATE: I didn't mean that this song comes across as rock and roll. It decidedly doesn't. Despite its use of piano and cello. But other of her songs (I'm more thinking of the songs she covered on her "Girl Versions" disc) work that way.
Also, as much as I love the video, it does reveal what I consider to be a noticeable flaw in Emm's singing - breath control. The quick and audible intake of air just prior to the singing is all over this one. I'd love to see her take a course of opera training which would give her the tools to breathe unobtrusively.
I'd better listen to some of her newer music to see if that's changed. The problem with this small imperfection is that once I notice it, I can't ignore it. So perhaps the fault is mine.


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