Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Take It Back, I Take it All Back
A while back I blogged a little "American Idol." I said I liked the one with the bifurcated skunk stripe who's been bounced for a while now. And I said I liked Carly Smithson. Well, not any more (read the whole thing). It seems that Carly "Smithson" has had quite the career over her short life. When she was Carly Hennessy, she toured as Cosette in Les Miz, put out an album that, despite being backed by millions of MCA cash sold in the hundreds.
"AI." methinks, is about giving undiscoverd, new talent the chance to reach a nationwide if not worldwide audience. It's not about giving professionals who've failed a second or third chance.
So, Carly Smithson please go straight to hell. Do not pass Go. Do not collect any more votes on "American Idol." AI? Try FU.

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