Friday, April 18, 2008

Meanwhile…”back at the ranch”..rumor has it..

“Come to “W. Jeffs Polygamy Bunny Ranch” and join the gorgeous babes who just wanna have fun... with each other! See why these prairie garbed girlfriends don't miss their boyfriends at all! This is the wildest, craziest assortment of hot Stepford-like girls you’ll ever find, all real and uncensored, only at the Polygamy Bunny Ranch! Join non-stop action and excitement, with this country s most valuable asset... zombie-eyed, Elvis-coiffed beauties anxious to bare their breasts! “

They are running a customer special: "If you come in the Polygamy Ranch and say, 'I'm pimping for Jeffs,' you get two bunnies for the price of one." Free set of “magic” underwear with each visit.

Am I the only one turned on here??

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