Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Embed
Today we reach back into the "grooveyard of forgotten favorites" to steal a line from El Rushbo. Steve Winwood with the title track from the "Back In The High Life Again" disc from the mid-80s. Any song on that disc is worthy of selection as a feature but I went with this song as it is so silky and optimistic. Also, part of the video was shot in my neck-o-th-woods: the train station is in Manassas, Va. Pretty cool.
According to my iTunes info, the disc was issued in 1986. This was a singular year in that two albums of nigh perfect songs were issued that year: "High Life" (of course) and Peter Gabriel's "So." A disc where every song is superb is rare ("Who's Next" comes to mind, Joni Mitchell's "Hejira") but two of them being issued at essentially the same time is worth noting. Though Winwood and Gabriel have musical ability of depth and style so perhaps it's not so strange. Still. Enjoy:

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